So, It Went Down Something Like This:


I’ve heard the best way to build blog readership is to write pretty regularly and then drop off the face of the earth for a while, and then randomly start blogging again.  So because I’m totally a professional blogger, I thought I’d drop in again.  Haha.

I have no plans for this blog, and you know what… I’ve finally decided it’s okay.  I guess.  I’ll probably go in and out of that decision like I always do.  Waffle, waffle.

So, we’ve been in California over 2 months now and despite all that has entailed practically, emotionally, and spiritually, I’ve barely written about it.  I’ve really just pondered all those things in my heart and left it at that.  God has taught us so much through this and is still teaching us, and I’m just not up for sharing much of it… at least not now.  Too fresh, too present.  But I thought I’d drop a tidbit, because God is funny, y’all. And incredible.  But sometimes He really likes making fun.  You know, in a nice, omnipotent, all-loving kind of way.

So, it went down something like this:

Husband: “I think I’m gonna call the guy from Saddleback that I met at the Seeds conference, see if he knows of any good leads or contacts.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s a great idea.”

Husband: “Ha. It would be awesome to work there…”

Me: “Yeah, no kidding… where is Saddleback again?” (Hand-to-GOD, I did not even know).

Husband: “California.”

Me: “Oh.  Well that’s not happening.”

Husband: “Yeah… But it is Saddleback.”

Me: “Yeah… maybe for Saddleback.”

Oh, how God likes to spoon feed me my words and make me eat them.

We thought we were making a contact, getting someone else to put his ear to the ground.  Never in a million years had we expected there to be a position open, or that it would be the right fit for our family, or that we would like California so much, or that God would even ask us to do all of this.  But we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has asked us to do all of this.  We’ve come out of this season experiencing a faith in God unlike we ever have before, hearing His voice in an entirely different way, because we really had to listen.

That’s all for now, my disappearing readership.  Later, maybe I’ll tell you all about the 8 day road trip with a toddler.  (It wasn’t as bad as it sounds).



So, we had these couches.  We bought them sometime in our first or second year of marriage, when we were still in the tiny apartment with the loud air-conditioner.  Dark brown leather, soft and puffy but still firm — it felt like sitting on a cloud.  You could stretch out and even comfortably sleep overnight on them – as my brother-in-law can attest.  They were awesome.

We moved them from one tiny apartment where they barely fit to another tiny apartment where they barely fit (we had to move them in through the sliding glass door) and then even down to South Florida where we eventually shed them in favor of a lightweight Ikea set.  Every time we moved (which – God help us – has been way too many times for my preference), we dreaded figuring out what to do with these big guys.

I’ve been thinking about these couches recently.

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