So, we had these couches.  We bought them sometime in our first or second year of marriage, when we were still in the tiny apartment with the loud air-conditioner.  Dark brown leather, soft and puffy but still firm — it felt like sitting on a cloud.  You could stretch out and even comfortably sleep overnight on them – as my brother-in-law can attest.  They were awesome.

We moved them from one tiny apartment where they barely fit to another tiny apartment where they barely fit (we had to move them in through the sliding glass door) and then even down to South Florida where we eventually shed them in favor of a lightweight Ikea set.  Every time we moved (which – God help us – has been way too many times for my preference), we dreaded figuring out what to do with these big guys.

I’ve been thinking about these couches recently.

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Joy {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday. As our fearless leader, Lisa-Jo says, “this is where a brave and beautiful bunch gather every week to find out what comes out when we all spend five minutes writing on the same topic…” Today, it’s the word joy.

Five Minute Friday

I can’t get over her giggles.  Oh, the giggles! Bright eyes, thrown back head, can hardly contain it all giggles erupting over “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes” or “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or the fact that she made someone else laugh, too.

And the earnestness!  The seriousness with which she takes her joy when she sings — loudly, proudly, ever-so-slightly off key, but ever-so-slightly more on key with each day she practices.  She knows all the words and if she doesn’t know them yet, by-golly she will hit repeat or ask to hear it again until she does.

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