The Affordable Healthcare Act and Me: A Third Trimester Addendum

Recently, some measures of the Affordable Care Act regarding women’s health went into effect, and I discovered that one of these measures was going to benefit me directly! I am no expert on this act, and understand the issues are layered and the opinions are strong.  Regardless, how can I not get excited to find out about the ways that my family will be helped?

As of August 1, 2012, under the Affordable Care Act, hospital-grade breast-pump rentals are available through your insurance plan (obviously, talk to your provider directly about specifics).  My understanding is that this is considered a preventive health measure because of the benefits associated with breastfeeding for both mother and baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics cites that breastfeeding protects against many common illnesses and boosts immunity for the baby.  Furthermore, studies show that breastfeeding can even reduce the mother’s risk for breast cancer in the future.The AAP recommends that babies are breastfed up to and even beyond 12 months.  Unfortunately, this can be a challenge, especially for working mothers.  Coverage of hospital-grade breast pump rentals seeks to help bridge the gap between the ideal and the reality.

So, as excited as I am about this change in my healthcare coverage, I figured while we were at it, there were a few more things that could be added, you know, coverage specifically for the mother in her third trimester — an addendum, if you will…

Schoolhouse Rock

Proposed Addendum to Title II, Subtitle L, Section 2951 of the Affordable Healthcare Act: Coverage Included for the Mother in her Third Trimester:

  1. Pedicures – And the good ones, too, you know — the ones with the cooling masks and the thorough massage and callous removal and all.  I’m telling you… my feet are getting rough and there’s just not that much I can do about it.
  2. Valet Parking – Just about everywhere.
  3. Grocery Bag Carry-Out Service – Now, if you shop at Publix (where shopping is a pleasure), you know that the baggers already have carry-out service and will take your cart out to your car with you.  This is great, truly, but it lacks one big factor in the process: when you get home. I’m proposing grocery carry-out service all the way to your home — pack the car, bring it in, put it up… the whole nine.
  4. Some Sort of Discount on Your Electric Bill – Let’s be honest… if it wouldn’t kill our bank account to run the AC at about 70-72 degrees all day every day, I would do it. The cool showers and tank tops can only help so much.
  5. House Cleaning Service – Really, I’m not asking too much here.  It doesn’t have to be weekly, even biweekly or monthly would be awesome.  And make sure to clean those baseboards while you’re at it.

So… whaddya think, President Obama?  Congress?

And what about you, you third trimester gals out there?  Anything I’m missing?

3 thoughts on “The Affordable Healthcare Act and Me: A Third Trimester Addendum

  1. Lolol. This is awesome!!! Made me laugh so hard. Amen to it all. Can we through something in about chiropractors? For horrible back pain. And for afterwards when the child is born- everything should b a drive thru- everything! Lol

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