I have physical proof that being consistent everyday pays off, in more than one way, but there are still other areas of my life where consistency is lacking.

Something I really want to work on, but rarely follow through with, is taking 10 minutes to myself...everyday. Whether that's to read a book, spend time meditating, doing self-reflection, journaling... it's something I really want to commit to – every day – for my 33rd year of life.

So what's my plan?

I've got this site, and I'm going to use it for accountability. I'm going to post every day this year (that's the goal at least) what I did for those 10 minutes each day – whether that's reflection on a portion of a book I read, or maybe a quote, brain-dumping an idea I've been thinking about, or just spending 10 minutes writing about what happened THAT day.

I think keeping this goal is super important for my own personal growth, and something I've neglected over the years. I think being public about it in general, will also help with accountability, as I've found the most success in my endeavors when I've been open and public about them.

How will I achieve this goal?

Time blocking.

Time blocking is something I've also failed miserably at before, but with our lives becoming so much busier over the years, finally putting a plan into place for my daily tasks is going to be critical – and I think will bring a bit of sanity back to my life.

What are you doing today?
My 10-minute plan for today, is to spend some time organizing my schedule, to set myself up for success with this goal, and the other things going on in my life. 🙌