Ditching the Physical Planner: An Artful Agenda Review

I'm an obsessive compulsive planner, with a mild affection for the endless possibilities a new planner can bring, but recently ... I went digital.

Ditching the Physical Planner: An Artful Agenda Review

I have a disgusting obsession with purchasing planners... and notebooks. There is nothing quite like that feeling of, "Why yes, I've got my shit together" that satisfies my soul more than the endless possibilities a new planner brings. I've got a good reason to be obsessed with "planning," trust me.  

I've got 3 overly involved kiddos who each do 1 to 2 sports at a time (due to overlap in seasons), as well as a husband who comes from divorced parents – which means we are blessed with family ❤️ and all the scheduling it requires to execute ANY holiday function without becoming an alcoholic.

I've tried pretty much every planner out there - Plum, Erin Condren, Happy Planner, The Arc System, Bullet Journals, Panda Planner, Recolections ... in addition to trying all these different 'brands' of planner, I've also tried pretty much every style too (hourly, horizontal and vertical). I've loved each of these planners for different reasons, and have spent countless hours making them perfectly sync with our lives only to continually run into the same problems...

I've still had to keep a Google Calendar so my husband can see what the hell is going on every day.

So basically, I'm keeping TWO planners at all times... and it's super annoying to sync my paper planner with my digital one, but it's a necessary evil and part of parenting.

Enter Artful Agenda.

I've got to hand it to Artful Agenda's Facebook ads, because they were beautiful, and totally caught my eye being the planner obsessed individual I am.

Artful Agenda Monthly Spread

Artful Agenda offers a "digital" planner experience that looks like paper, but syncs with all 8 of my Google Calendars. Yes, I have 8! Events can be added in Artful Agenda or Google Calendar, and it just works, which means my husband can add events to our calendar, and I see them in Artful Agenda, and vice versa.

Adding an Event in Artful Agenda

Apart from keeping our events in one beautiful place, you can customise your digital planner with some of the same elements you would a physical planner - e.g. you can pick a custom cover and even use stickers.

Artful Agenda Cover Selections

I was never really one to 'trick out' my physical planner, but it's nice to add a few stickers now and then for special occasions or events.

Apart from keeping track of the every-day chaos that's going on, I can also use my digital planner to keep tabs on what we're eating for dinner each day, make grocery lists, AND track my water intake... because we all should be drinking more anyway, right?

The one thing that really sold me on this planner though was the mobile app you can use in addition to the desktop version. ❤️ It comes in both iOS and Android versions, however I've only personally used the Android app – which is just as great an experience as the desktop version, and has completely replaced my need to use Google Calendar on my phone (since they sync, remember?).

The settings and customisations you make on the desktop version carry over to the mobile app, so the experience is seamless. I've only ever encountered one minor error screen, but apart from that I've never had it crash.

Ok, but how much does it cost?

I paid $35 for an annual subscription after the free 14-day trial, because I fell in love with it right off the bat, and it made more sense to pay annually than monthly ($35/year vs $3.99/month). This gives you access to the desktop version and mobile app. You can purchase additional "stickers" as well, but I barely use the stickers so I've never spent anything extra on it.

If you're thinking $35 is a lot, you're clearly not as planner obsessed as I am/was. I easily spent $35 in one shopping trip to Michael's on just a planner – that doesn't include all the accessories you buy for things like lists, meal planning, etc. Erin Condren planners are twice as much as an annual subscription to Artful Agenda, so apart from it being an affordable service for me, I'm saving money too – which makes my husband happy I'm sure. 🙌

How do I sign up?

It's pretty damn easy. Just head over to the Artful Agenda website and start a free trial. It's painless - enter in your card details, create your account, and sync your calendars - done. When you've finished syncing everything, I'd make a note on your calendar for whatever the 13th day of your trial is, so you have time to decide whether you want to cancel – otherwise you'll get charged automatically.

If you found my review useful in making your decision to give things a try, use RS53572 when you sign up (my referral code). ❤️ If you're a planner obsessed human like myself, I promise it doesn't disappoint!