Becoming the Teacher

I am so NOT qualified to teach my children anything other than basic HTML/CSS and Javascript. That's it. If it's math, grammar, writing... I'm a hot mess, but as of today, this hot mess is pretending to be a teacher... that dresses like a troll and swears a lot.

Becoming the Teacher

As March 16, 2020, K-12 schools are officially closed for 3 weeks, due to a mandatory closure issued by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The closure announcement pretty much left every parent scrambling to figure out what to do for childcare... OR, if you're one of the lucky few who works from home (thank you, Lord! 🙌) you're probably wondering whether they even make enough wine to cope with something like that – they do, trust me.

There's been loads of links to free (and premium) educational material for school age kiddos, and I'm tired of hunting it down via social networks, so here is a collection of what WE are using over the next 3 weeks to make sure we don't fall into the "Summer Slide" which I am affectionately calling the "Covid Crash." I've broken everything down into 7 main categories: Math, Science, Reading, Writing, History, Fun and Printables. "*" indicates a service which is NOT free.








If you know of a great resource that our kids might enjoy during this difficult time, let me know and I'll add it!