I've wrote this out several times before, but never really with all the nitty gritty detail I wanted to, so here we go again!

Weight is something I've always struggled with post-high school. Don't we all? We go from being heavily involved in year-round sports in high school (Volleyball was my jam), to basically living off ramen and whatever cheap food we were able to find in Winco.

When I left high school I was a lean, healthy 125lbs. I was in the best shape of my life. That all changed once I started living on my own, and even more so when I met my husband.

I'm not sure what it is about men, but they somehow have the ability to eat anything in sight, and never gain an ounce. Meanwhile, I'm over here just looking at a bag of cheetos, and the scale jumps 10lbs.

I went from 125 to 150 in the years following college. I gained the freshman 15 and the upperclassmen 15. When I got pregnant with my first daughter things didn't get any better. After her birth, after the birth of our second daughter in 2013, my weight was permanently stuck at 217. The heaviest I've ever been in my adult life.

I was not happy with myself at all. Something had to give... so I started running.

I loved running, and was seeing great results with it. I also started eating a strictly paleo diet. I managed to get myself down into the 170s, where I stayed and fluctuated ~10lb to 15lbs with every fad diet I tried... and I tried everything. I couldn't shake the 170s.

It wasn't until I became certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, in an effort to teach myself how to get into better shape, that I saw the needle go down again on the scale, and by 2016 I was at a healthy 150lbs. I was ecstatic... and more importantly, felt great!

Of course, naturally when you reach your goals, something happens... and that "something" for me was pregnancy.

I won't say that getting pregnant with our third child was an accident, because I really wanted another baby, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly terrified about having to start the weight loss process all over again. Fortunately, unlike my previous pregnancies, where I gained 60lbs+, I only gained 16lb... because I was educated in health and fitness, and knew how to stay in shape and eat right, and was able to get back down to almost my pre-baby weight, and I've been fluctuating between 155-164 for the past 2 years.

This brings me to 2018-19.

For the majority of the year I've been stuck carrying around an extra 20lbs. I've tried to do a few different things to get back down to the 150s–keto, whole30, paleo, southbeach, atkins, weightwatchers, beachbody–and I did find success with some of those programs, but it was always short lived, and apart from being exhausted all the time, never really addressed any underlying causes for why I got to where I was, or how to move forward when you finish the program... so, naturally, I'd gain the weight back.

It wasn't until someone shared a health habits program with me back in May of 2019, that I was able to really see results with not only my weight, but my energy level, mindset, and overall health. Having a program that broke down how to change your existing habits into bite-size chunks made everything so much easier to manage – e.g. focusing on making small changes like sleep, water intake, eating more frequently, WHAT to eat... all that compounded over time.. that's what really did it for me. I thought I only had 20lbs to lose when I started, turns out I was wrong! I went from 164 to 132, and have successfully maintained that weight loss!

So why share? – Because I struggled! BOY did I struggle! I wish I had read a story similar to mine a lot earlier in life. I would have found hope a lot sooner, rather than waste time on things that didn't make me feel good in every aspect of my life. I know there are other moms out there who might be in a similar situation, and might be feeling hopeless... and I want to share that sustainable transformation of your health is totally possible!

My recent transformation. Left is May 2019, right October 2019